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Accreditation Status

The Islamic University of Kenya is established under the Universities Act (2012), having been approved by the Commission for University Education to operate under a Letter of Interim Authority since December 2016.

In accordance with the provisions of the Act, the university is in the process of accreditation for the Award of Full Charter and has already undergone the Technical Inspection by the Commission for University Education. The institution is hopeful that the Charter will be approved soon.

The Commission for University Education has approved and accredited the following programs:

  • Bachelor of Education (Arts),
  • Bachelor of Business Management,
  • Bachelor of Arts in Islamic Sharia,
  • and Bachelor of Arts in the Arabic Language.

We also have the following diploma and certificate programs:

  • Diploma in Business Management,
  • Diploma in Islamic Sharia,
  • Diploma in Arabic Language,
  • Diploma in Education,
  • Certificate in Business Management,
  • Certificate in Islamic Sharia,
  • Certificate in Arabic Language,
  • and Certificate in Education.

The University is in the process of having more programs in Law, Information Technology, Medicine, Pharmacy, Nursing among other disciplines as well as establish partnerships and affiliations with leading universities and institutions around the world.

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