The Islamic University offers a limited number of scholarships awarded to bright future leaders. These are offered to the most impressive and deserving candidates to assist with their studies and kick start their future. The program serves as a bridge that allows students reach their full potential and achieve their dreams and in return give back to the society.

The program may take the form of University scholarships, County bursaries, or International scholarships.

Scholarships Sources

IUK Scholarships

The Islamic University of Kenya offers scholarships from the Board of Trustees.

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ساعدنا لتعليم الطلبة المحتاجين في أفريقيا

(Help us to Educate Needy Students in Africa)

County Government CDF

Since 2003/04, the Fund supported projects mainly in the areas of education, health, agriculture, roads, security, environment and sports.


At IUK, we focus on providing students with the best education possible. we strive to ensure all our students have the tools and resources they need to prepare for tomorrow’s Human Capital.

None of those could be possible without the generous support from the community.With past donations, we have been able to give full tuition fee scholarship to needy students.

We would like to continue with this  benevolent project of gifting deserving students with top notch education,this is the honorable reason we are raising funds.

Would you consider donating to help us achieve our mission?


The scholarships offered by The Islamic University of Kenya are for studying at the The Islamic University of Kenya only. We do not provide scholarships to enable students to study at other institutions.

  • Scholarships are awarded by the University’s Assessment and Awarding Group and their decision is final. No correspondence will be entered into regarding the reasons for their decision. No appeal is allowed, as once scholarships are awarded, all available funds have been committed.
  • Lobbying of any members of the University’s Assessment and Awarding Group will disqualify applicants from receiving any scholarship.
  • All scholarship offers are subject to verification of academic qualifications
  • Acceptance of a scholarship implies consent under the Data Protection Act for the University to keep in contact with the student and for the scholar’s name to be published in relevant publicity materials.

Scholarship funding

  • All scholarship awards are for the student recipient only. Under no circumstances can scholarship funds be used to support students’ families.
  • Tuition fee costs will be paid directly to the University’s Finance Offices on behalf of the student by the Scholarships office. Accommodation costs (where applicable) will be paid directly by the Scholarships office.
  • When accommodation is provided, this will normally be at the University’s Halls of Residence. Where a scholarship recipient is accommodated is at the University’s discretion and may include sharing with other students.
  • Scholarship funds for students may not be repatriated under any circumstances. Students attempting to do so will have their scholarship revoked and will be required to return to their home country.

Featured Student (Scholarship)

Stephen Kivombo is the fifth born in a family of six. He started his primary education in 2000 and completed  in 2009, he joined secondary school in 2010 and completed in 2014, scoring a B plain. Stephen comes  from an economically challenged background, his father always struggled to pay for his education. Despite his good grades, he had no prospects of ever joining a university,  just like his elder sisters and brothers who only managed to complete secondary school.

In 2018, 4 years later, Stephen was lucky to receive a full scholarship from The Islamic University of Kenya.

“When I was awarded the scholarship  to study Business Management, I saw an opportunity to make my dream a reality and save my family from the yoke of poverty. I aspire to either start my own company or manage big businesses either in my country or abroad. Through this sponsored course, I will work hard to realize this dream. I appreciate the positive influence IUK is having  on my life”.

Contact For Scholarship

Office of Student Affairs

Main Campus Kisaju,

Along the Nairobi-Namanga highway

Phone : +254 707 267 957 / +254 716 333 222
Email :

Frequently Asked Questions

When do I know that scholarships are available ?

The Islamic University of Kenya will from time to time advertise through our official communication channels availability of scholarships. Keep an eye on our website, Facebook page or twitter handle

How will I know I've qualified for a scholarship?

The scholarship award committee will by way of email, or phone number +254 707 267 957 / +254 716 333 222 contact you and notify you when you’ve qualified or have been awarded a scholarship opportunity.

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