A courtesy visit by Dr. Ilaria Macconi - Tangaza University College, Dr. Remi Caucanas - Tangaza University College, Prof. Alberto Melloni - Bologna and Dr. Francesco Cargnelutti- Palermo to The Vice-Chancellor The Islamic University of Kenya (Former RAF International University)
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Book launch - UN-SILICON VALLEY by Roble Ega Musse
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We will have the following presentations: 1. The British Policy on Islam and Tanganyika - Muslim Community, 1920-1960 Fadhili A. Mtani, Muslim University of Morogoro 2. “Hakuna Elimu Bila ya Madrasa” - “There is no Education without Madrasa” Reflections on Swahili Muslim Concepts of Islamic and Moral Education, Liese Hoffmann, Berlin Graduate School Muslim Cultures...
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